Summer and Enrichment Programmes

Parents as Partners (PAP) Programme

The goal of the programme is to expose Pao School’s Senior Secondary Division students to various careers and educational interests as they begin thinking about life beyond the school. Recognising the rich diversity and talents of our school community, the programme aims to bring together Pao School parents as career mentors for our Senior Secondary Division students, allowing parent volunteers to provide guidance and support for our students in their career and educational development.


Internship programme

Thanks to the generosity of the Pao School parent?community, each year, our Senior Secondary Division students have the opportunity to participate in an internship programme during the summer and Christmas holidays. The programme is a great way for students to gain hands-on, real world learning experiences and clarify career goals. In addition, the programme allows students to enhance their knowledge and skills in areas of punctuality, responsibility, cooperation and communication required in a workplace setting.

The University and Career Counselling Office would like to thank the following businesses and organisations for providing valuable internship opportunities in 2015: Deloitte; ICS; IKEA; Llinks Law Offices; Merchants Property; TongAn Investment; Xinhua Art Studio; xPartner Robotics


Career Speakers Series

Each month, Pao School invites a parent?or friend of the school to the Secondary Division to share career paths and experiences with our Senior Secondary students and give them insight into a specific career path. Speakers Series hosts professionals from a wide range of fields, including the hotel industry, venture capitalism and art.

We are always seeking parent volunteers for our PAP Programme. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Venessa Zhao at the University and Career Counselling Office at


Summer planning

Summer break is perfect time for students to explore, learn, grow, relax and have fun.

To assist Secondary Division students in planning for their summer, the University and Career Counselling Office launched the Discover Summer Programme, which takes place each December and January. The programme helps students find summer programs and activities that meet their interests and needs.

Through the Discover Summer Programme, we help students think about what they enjoy, what they might like to learn about, and most importantly, what they actually want to do with their summer months. We help them explore options and choose summer programmes and activities that are both productive and enjoyable.

Overseas summer resources?

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