SAO Mission and Core Values


365滚球 1.86365篮球滚球偷鸡6The mission of the Student Affairs Office at YK Pao School (SAO) is to recruit, admit and serve an eligible, diverse student population nationally and internationally who are an institutional fit, consistent with Pao School’s mission, vision and strategic goals.


Core Values

Educational Focus
  • admission standards, practice and process reflect the school’s mission, vision and core values
  • admission standards, practice and process are aligned with the school’s educational program and needs
  • admission practice demonstrates a good level of accuracy and reliability
  • work closely with the academic team to study, adjust and then ensure the relevance of standards
  • admission standards and process are transparent to prospective families
  • admission standards and process are transparent to internal school community
  • demonstrate a high level of integrity, transparency and effectiveness in the admission and post-enrollment phases with a professional team
  • provide high quality service to prospective families before, during and after the admission process with a family-centered approach
  • provide career development opportunities on-campus and off-campus
  • optimize admission process to be more cost and resource effective
  • apply robust data-analysis and tracking in decision-making