Professional Development

Pao School provides valuable professional development opportunities, which include a wide range of international, regional and local training programmes.

Professional development also takes place within school on a regular basis. Sharing of practices, feedback and dissemination of strategies learned from training courses, mentoring programmes and a developmental staff appraisal programme are all designed to enhance staff performance and student outcomes.

Pao School is also committed to training staff in the use of the ACTFL language proficiency scales.
365滚球 1.86365篮球滚球偷鸡6 Currently, the school is creating a Professional Development policy/philosophy which will help ensure that all members of the Pao School community benefit from significant development opportunities. With the formation of a professional development working group, the school is considering the most prudent use of resources and how it can develop itself as a local and regional centre of excellence. The group is designing a systematic PD programme for faculty and administrative staff at all levels. It is envisioned that the school will be able to map PD for the entire school whilst also aligning the needs of the school with the training of individual staff members.