Pao School’s residential programme is rooted in the spirit of whole-person education. Living on campus as part of a caring community allows students the opportunity to put into daily practice our school’s core values of compassion, integrity and balance as well as grow through experiences not found in a traditional day school. Students, parents, and staff alike view the residential programme as a transformational part of the Pao School experience.



Central to the development of the whole person is providing opportunities for students to put into practice the character traits essential to a Pao School education. Students have plenty of opportunities for leadership, including opportunities in the residential programme.

  • Prefects - Prefects take ownership of peer leadership within their Houses, collaborating with House Parents in the daily residential schedule, which includes study hall management, wake-up/lights out routines, room inspection, attendance, and the upkeep of personal appearance standards.
  • Student Government – Student Government is a peer-elected group that seeks to serve the entire community by:

? ? - Listening to and identifying positive solutions to school challenges.

? ? - Promoting and organising school activities that promote the school mission and enhance life on campus.

? ? - Organising and promoting the Xueyuan system.

? ? - Working collaboratively with the school’s administration in service of the school mission.


Wellness and Counselling Programme



Our commitment to the development of the whole child extends to our Wellness Programme, which offers services and support from a team of dedicated health professionals. Students and staff have access to our Wellness Centre, staffed by licensed doctors and nurses 24 hours a day.



A central aspect of our school mission seeks to develop our students’ full potential and therefore a safe and nurturing environment for our students. To support our mission, we have a team of licensed school counsellors who offer counselling services for all students to support their social and emotional wellbeing.