Mission and Philosophy


The mission of the University Counselling Office is to educate Pao School students and families on higher educational opportunities, help students navigate the vast selection of global colleges and university options, introduce them to schools and programmes that best match their interests and abilities, and successfully assist our students in the eventual application process.

Beginning in Year 9, services are offered to support students in their search for a university and to also identify worthwhile summer programmes, internships and a wide-range of other enrichment opportunities.


365滚球 1.86365篮球滚球偷鸡6In line with our whole person education philosophy, the University and Careers Counselling Office believes strongly that students have a diverse and wide range of talents. As such, there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes time for students to make the next step in their educational journey. We encourage students and parents to embrace the university process with an open mind, and to look closely at both the student and school profiles to determine the ‘best fit.’ We want our students to thrive in university and achieve great results, and finding an appropriate school that matches the student’s strengths, interests and skills is a crucial part of the university search process.