China Discovery Programme

  • Immersion in Chinese language and culture
  • Experiential learning
  • Global leadership
  • Globally-recognised curriculum

The China Discovery Programme is an exciting opportunity for short-term enrolment at Pao School. Our Senior Secondary programme delivers a combination of academic rigour and co-curricular programmes, with a focus on Chinese language and culture, providing students with a rich, bilingual education.

In the China Discovery Programme, international students study and live alongside Chinese and other international students. This allows an invaluable experience and in-depth understanding of students from different countries. Daily communication in Chinese not only sharpens students’ language skills, but also helps them to develop lifelong friendships. The immersion in Chinese culture would also enrich life skills and give students the extra competitive edge when applying for postsecondary education.

The China Discovery Programme offers three exciting opportunities:

  • One-year Programme (Year 9, 10, 11, or 12 students)
  • Two-year IGCSE Programme (Year 9-10 students)
  • Two-year IB Diploma Programme (Year 11-12 students)