Pao School is run by the Headmaster and Principals under the leadership of the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors, comprised of professionals from education, business, finance, and legal fields, makes decisions regarding school development and direction, and the Headmaster and Principals are responsible for implementing such plans.


Board of Governors



Anna Pao Sohmen

  • Founding Governor of Chinese International School, Hong Kong
  • Former Chair of Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts
  • Member of the National CPPCC
  • Standing Committee Member of Zhejiang CPPCC


Executive Deputy Chairman

Philip Sohmen

  • CEO of World Wide Education Group, Hong Kong
  • Member of Shanghai People’s Political Consultative Committee
  • Vice-Chairman of the Shanghai Youth Federation
  • Founder of the Shanghai International Youth Orchestra



Deputy Chairman

Tan Fuyun

  • Vice Chairman of the 5th All China Women’s Federation
  • Chairman of the 8th Shanghai Women’s Federation
  • Council Member of the National Soong Ching Ling Foundation

Zhang Yixing

  • Former Deputy Party Secretary, Shanghai Foreign Languages University
  • Former Deputy Director, Foreign Affairs Office under Shanghai Municipal Government
  • Former Deputy Director, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office under Shanghai Municipal Government
  • President, Shanghai Association of Foreign Affairs Translators
Accordion Governors


Fang Fang

  • Founder and Chairman of Waterwood Group
  • Member of the National Committee of CPPCC and Sub-Committee for CPPCC Economic Affairs
  • Member of Commission on Strategic Development of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Clancey Houston

  • Managing Partner, Empirik Health
  • A member of the Expert Council on the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai’s Healthcare Committee
  • Board member of the China Healthcare Executive Group (China HEG)
  • Former CEO of Chinaco Healthcare Corporation (CHC)
  • Former Managing Director for inVentiv Health Communications/China

Nora Wu

  • Vice Chairwoman and Global Human Capital Leader of PricewaterhouseCoopers

He Ya’nan

  • Mentor of Pao School Secondary Division
  • Former Headmaster of Shanghai No. 3 Girls High School
  • Recipient of ‘Distinguished Principal’ and ‘Distinguished Teacher’ Awards
  • Host of English Teacher Training Base, Principal & Teacher Development Project of Shanghai General Education
  • Former Vice President of the Shanghai Society of Education, Foreign Language Education

Lin Yazhen

  • Chinese Language Teacher at YK Pao School Primary Division

Matthew Wu

  • Pao School Secondary Division Mentor
  • Former Headmaster of Shanghai Ping He Bilingual School
  • Recipient of ‘National Outstanding Private Middle and Primary School Principal’ and ‘Distinguished Teacher’Awards
  • Former Deputy Director of Shanghai Private Middle and Primary School Association

Wu Zijian

  • Pao School Headmaster
  • Former Head of Kindergarten of Primary and Secondary School at Shanghai Jianqing Experimental School
  • Recipient of ‘Distinguished Principal’ Award
  • Head of Shanghai Grade 1-12 Education Expert Committee
  • Deputy Director of Shanghai Private Middle and Primary School Association

Andrew Yao

  • Chairman and CEO of Hong Kong Shanghai Alliance Holdings Limited
  • Member of National People’s Congress

Wayne Zhang

  • CEO of Lucky Pai Limited

Zhu Yanlai

  • Consultant at Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Member of the National Committee of CPPCC