365滚球 1.86365篮球滚球偷鸡6YK Pao School is a school with a dream and holds great memories for everyone in the community. Being a Pao School student is only the beginning. As the school continues to mature and evolve, our alumni are continuing on their journeys around the world. All former students are automatically members of the Pao School alumni community. You are an important part of Pao School as well as the rich and diverse community for which the school is celebrated.

The Pao School Alumni Relations Office dedicates itself to the following missions:

  • To promote a close bond between alumni and the Pao School, fostering a spirit of loyalty and pride among graduates, former students, and friends.
  • To provide meaningful programmes and engagement opportunities that will bring the Pao School alumni community together and help them stay connected

We hope that you will treasure your memories of Pao School and remember some of the lessons you learnt during your time here – whether those lessons came from teachers, or from your classmates or from a particular experience you had, a triumph or perhaps even a failure.

We are always open to new ideas and suggestions for making the Pao School alumni network a strong and vibrant one. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Alumni Relations Office


+86 21-6167 1999 ext 8300